The Land

From the beginning, our aim has been to farm sustainably and be a steward of the land. Of our 200 acre property, we have 80 acres open for wildlife and conservation efforts. In 2017 and 2018 we planted twenty two blocks on hillsides ranging from 1200′ to 1320′ in high densities. This forces each plant to compete more for nutrients and water, therefore decreasing the yield for each vine. The result is fewer total clusters per plant and while producing a higher quality, more concentrated fruit. For each block, we chose the grape variety that would produce the best fruit for that unique location. From there, we decided one what kind of rootstock, spacing, trellising, and orientation would lead to the best expression of our unique terroir.
Our vineyard soils are mainly made up of the Linne-Calodo soil complex, which is mineral rich, shallow, and well-draining. Its calcareous composition is reminiscent of the soils of the Rhône Valley in France.